Hand Tools to the Rescue – 5 We Must Have to Help Us Survive

survival tools workshop

Hand tools for most of us, excepting maybe stuff like hammers, wrenches, and screwdrivers, are tools we only use if we have to do so.

They take work and a lot of concentration as well as stamina and, well, electric tools are just easier to use.

A survival situation, particularly if a long-term power outage is a reality can render all those powered tools useless.

Even battery powered tools will eventually run out of juice.

Because of this, any prepared survivalist will at least mirror their power tools with a similar hand tool.

They will also use them occasionally, so if they have to use them in a survival situation, it is not like learning a new language overnight.

To see the basic hand tools every survivalist should have on hand and know how to use, check out the next page.

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