(Video) Learn a Simple Trick to Splitting Firewood Faster, And With Far Less Effort

splitting firewood

Right now many, who do not chop their own wood, have it easy. They can merely go into their local grocery store and pick up a bunch of logs and firewood to place in the fireplace. However, there are those -particularly in the country – who do split their own wood.

There are, of course, problems with that, including the labor, danger, and an occasional nasty splinter. But it is great exercise, therapeutic, and you have a certain satisfaction in knowing that it is the wood you chopped that is keeping the family warm!

Still, we would love to do it all faster and easier! Any outdoorsman can tell you that splitting wood gets old after a while. Then, after you chop, you have to go running after the pieces when they fall. Firewood is tough enough without having to do all the extras that turn the labor into back-breaking work.

Our host over on the next page has come up with a simple but ingenious idea on how to split your firewood faster and with a lot less effort. Go on over and take a look!

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