(Video) Mind Blowing Tool Hacks We All Should be Taking Full Advantage Of

tool hack

If you're wondering if there were more that you could do with your tools besides using them for their original purpose, then you'll be excited about today's video.

With some care and creativity, you can use regular tools for so much more than what they're intended for.

Take a look at this hack video where you'll learn 14 hacks that will change your world. You'd never think that tools could be this useful!

If you really want to get your money's worth on your expensive tools, be sure to check this video out. You'll learn so much that you wouldn't think would be possible!

Watch the video on the next page to learn these incredible tool hacks that will make your life so much easier.

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  1. Dylan Trip said:

    My phones being like my friend Ryan Thornton. Gay haha. But naw it’s going slow as$#%&!@*right now. Guess I should of paid the bill yesterday, hopefully my service will last a lol longer

  2. Ryan Thornton said:

    s**t yeah, maybe you should stop spending all your money video-chatting with shemales and then it wouldn’t be a problem lol nah but I know how it feels to have a slow$#%&!@*phone, can’t even send a gif without waiting a good 10mins lmao I didn’t watch it all the way through but what I seen was pretty cool, just check it out whenever you’re around Wi-Fi, save it hoe. Over and out

  3. Nick Greer said:

    Mark Greer Alex Greer Trevor Pierce Josh Meyers Mark Meyers

  4. Luke Slocum said:

    Tried to watch and got spammed with just advertising instead. I hate that!

  5. Dana En said:

    That was actually far more useful than I expected!

  6. James C. Gilbert said:

    We used to call that stuff in my day,
    Jury rigging things……
    Fancy new name, same old thing

  7. Roy R. McAllister said:

    What did Cover picture for example while this would be a good technique starting the nail how does this work when it comes continuing to hammer the nail in the rest of the way
    If you’re thinking that you could drive the nail in with one hit this is possible people today don’t hardly know how to work a hammer much less put a nail in with one hit