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person in a dark alley

Tips to Follow to Ensure a Person Survives a Mugging

Getting mugged is a scary experience. Fortunately, it’s also a rare experience. Although there is no way to predict the dangerous situation, we can take the initiative now and prepare for possible situations. Post-collapse this type of event could become more common, which means it’s all the more vital to prepare for it now. We

deer in the bushes

5 Ways to Improve Game Management

For rural and suburban survivalists as well as homesteaders, hunting is more than something you do just because you can do it and you also enjoy a traipse in the woods. Successful hunting is one way to alleviate costs for meat, manage animal populations to reduce damage to crops and to augment store bought meats


(Video) How to Properly Navigate Using a Compass

In the modern era of smartphones, Google Maps, and GPS systems, it’s easy to forget about our not-so-distant past where maps were the only means of getting from point A to point B. And while it’s great to have all this wonderful technology access in our hands at any time, it also disconnects us from