How to Easily Crack a Padlock Without Using a Code

open lock without code

Most of us when we were kids had fun pretending to be one of those super-elite “cat burglar” types from an old movie. The men or women in the movies could go to a lock or safe, quietly listen to the tumbler, brush the lock and then crack open the safe without breaking a sweat!

Sure, what they were doing was illegal but they were on a mission to get their job done and they did so easily.

Today many of us might have a collection of old padlocks and you may or may not remember the combination. For really old padlocks maybe only your great-granddad knew the combo! You could just get rid of the padlocks you're not using but instead of doing that you can practice your survival skills on it. 😉

Believe it or not but there's a way to crack a padlock combo and you're going to be blown away at how easy it is. To check out the process watch the video after the break.

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