(Video) Watch This Fish Off of a Man VS. a Boy – I Still Can’t Believe Who Won!

man vs boy

Apparently “fish off”s are a regular occurrence for Brendan and his family. They seem to like it and the sport is entertaining when put in “show” form. Also, we have to admit that his little brother is cute.

Mind you, this is coming from a female perspective, a woman who has many nephews who are all, in her opinion, adorable. Okay, enough of the sickeningly sweet stuff.

We are here to talk about fishing. In this case we have the nine-year-old boy and Brendan’s adult friend who are fishing in the same pond. We are trying to see who does better.

The point of this exercise from a survival POV is that even a youngster can pull his own weight when it comes to a SHTF situation. Kids can fish. With a little instruction, they can figure it out and it is you, as an adult, that needs to take them out and show them the ropes.

Go over to the next page and watch this contest, see who wins, and see who learns a lesson or two.


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