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How To Find Water In the Wildernes EVERY Time

Apart from immediate medical needs or escaping severe weather, finding water in a survival situation is your most important priority. In most cases, depending on where you are, you can endure without a cache of food or shelter or even fire, but without water, your situation can migrate from worrisome to grave to dire in

4 Self Reliant Skills Every Survivalist Should Master

When we’re talking with our buddies about survival techniques, hypothetical scenarios based on what’s in the news, and general “need to know” info, we often identify things (that at least one of us) hasn’t thought about. This is exactly why talking, listening and learning from our peers and fellow survivalists is so important. How else

4 Essential Knots You NEED to Know Now!

Some may want to know why learning knot techniques is important. And that’s understandable! So let’s give you a scenario: You’re mountain climbing over the weekend with some friends, because… hey, you’re an outdoorsy kind of person and you enjoy the adrenalin rush of adventure! Chances are if you’re climbing a mountain you’re not terrified of