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Do You Possess These Critical Homesteading Skills?

Some have homesteading foisted upon them because of where they live while others simply prefer an existence where they are their own boss and can “live off the land”. Homesteading skills are less about wilderness survival and prepping for a disaster, although both are important and – to a smaller degree –  involved with homesteading, than

[VIDEO] Super Easy DIY Herb Garden Container

When it comes to anything having to do with our backyard garden we like it to be simple. Certainly there are some things a gardener has to do that are time consuming but planting, whether it’s vegetables, herbs or even a trimming from the neighbor’s rose bush, should be easy. What is nice about the

Learn How To Make Dandelion Wine

Dandelions are not just a decent looking weed. They grow everywhere and can even be annoying in their frequency of popping up in the middle of your lawn when you’ve done everything in your power to get rid of the things. But … As they say, when life hands you lemons why not make lemonade? Or – in

Freezing Produce For Preserving Meals Properly

With recent grocery store discounts and crazy “buy one crate of bananas and get the second at half the price” end of Summer sales, any survivalist or homesteader is going to want to take advantage and enjoy some savings along with their sweet and savory treats. Freezing is ideal, especially during those months when it’s storming outside, either

[VIDEO] How To Build A Bow And Arrow For Survival

Our favorite wilderness gal is back to show us how to make a survival tool in the wild. She not only shows us how to make a great looking bow but a truly impressive arrow as well. It’s a fascinating process! While you may feel it’s a little beyond your aptitude or comfort level, it is

The Hiking Safety Guide Every Survivalist Should Follow

Even survivalists with the best intentions, who really seem to know their way around a campfire, trail, and have everything they should in their backpack, can find themselves in jeopardy. It does not necessarily have to do with expertise, although we always recommend that a novice go with someone who has hit the wilderness trails a