[VIDEO] Looking To Build A Bug-Out-Camp? This Is How It’s Done

Let’s pretend it’s happened…. the grid has officially gone down and for some unforeseen reason you have to evacuate your home.

Certainly there are shelters out there but they're bound to fill up rapidly and thereafter your options will be limited. What do you do? Find an alley somewhere in the city? Battle it out with the people who have zero survival skills but use their fists to take what they need? Kind of dangerous …

But someone who's prepared knows to head for the hills, the mountains, or the wilderness because we (including our families and friends who we want to keep safe) have the necessary skills to make an effective bug-out camp!

The video on page two is a great example of the type of bugging-out you may be required to do. We like the idea because the video delves into building a shelter, fire, bed, fence, food and it even includes a plan for your dog.

Go to page two to watch how a bug-out camp is built!

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  1. Patrick Harrison said:

    Not bad, looked like it was a pretty good shelter too. Felt she was making the fire a little too big, but she did do that during the day to build up coals to last three night.