Learn How Much Water You Should Carry On Your Person For Survival

Various hikers carry water on themselves in different ways. For instance, the water carrying gear you might find on a casual hiker will vary compared to a serious survivalist, as would the gear on soldier compared to a typical weekend hunter.

Of course, what they wear also changes with how much they carry too. How long will they be in the wilderness? A few days? A week? Longer?

One has to be careful, especially if water resources are unknown. It’s always a GREAT idea to map where water will be in the area you are traveling before you take on a long (or short for that matter) wilderness hike. Water filtration is also a serious concern. You don't want to be the victim of nasty bacteria.

To learn about how much water you should carry on your person for survival go on over to page two. It’s what we don’t know that can harm us!

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