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Long Range Precision Shooting Tips and Methods

One of the most controversial aspects of being a survivalist is self-defense; people get worked up over firearms and none of us really ever want to be in a life and death situation. Yet, in a SHTF moment, if it leads to a long-term survival crisis, being able to defend yourself, property, belongings and family

Bushcraft 101: Sycamore Twig Whistle DIY

As survivalists it is always good to have a good whistle for an emergency situation. Anything you can use to attract the attention of possible saviors is a good thing! Remember six short whistles is a sign of distress, which may come in handy during an emergency situation. They say the best season to find

55 Self Reliant Skills You Need To Master For Survival

Do you take your survival skills for granted? Sure, we are prepping for possible future chaos by canning goods, stocking up on those dehydrated meals, building functional cooking tools in our backyard (fire bit, BBQ, clay oven, etc), and making certain lighting options and blankets are stored carefully for future use … …but there are still

Turn Salt Water Into Safe Drinkable Water

One of the most critical challenges facing a survivalist in a bug-out or survivor moment is the need to secure safe drinking water. Depending on the situation, securing safe drinking water might not be Priority One, but it always ranks in the top five priorities you must address to make it through whatever you are

Old Time Survival Skills That Are Relevant Today

As early as fifty or sixty years ago, whether we realize it or not, modern society was learning basic survival skills. On any given weekend a boy usually could be found under the hood of the car with his Dad, changing plugs or replacing a battery. There was raking and mowing to be done, wood to be chopped

[VIDEO] See This Truck Transform Into A Castle

You will not believe the amazing transformation this truck goes through as it is converted from a road-worthy and legal vehicle to an awesome living space! Mixing engineering know-how with artistic expression this couple has created a roomy, comfortable home – on the back of a flat-bed truck! It is completely off-grid, using a mixture

Wilderness Survival Skills And The Basics YOU Should Know

As survivalists we put ourselves in the situation of preparedness. While others may not see the necessity of learning how to endure should something unforeseen or even catastrophic were to happen, we know better. Survival for ourselves as well as others may very well depend on our wilderness know-how. Think of this article as a

4 Methods To Creating a Survival Shelter Using A Military Poncho

All survivalists understand the importance of staying dry when out in nature. Staying dry prevents us from getting cold, potentially experiencing the onset of hypothermia and then the obvious: unnecessary discomfort. Nylon ponchos are an excellent item to keep in your survival arsenal as they can provide a wide variety of uses, including shelter from

3 Awesome Survival Fishing Techniques You Need To Master

There are so many fishing techniques out there, but it’s important to be well versed in a variety of methods. In a survival situation, you never know what supplies, tools or conditions you’ll be in. Being mentally prepared with various techniques to pull from in an emergency will be critical to your survival. Scenario: You’re