4 Self Reliant Skills Every Survivalist Should Master

When we're talking with our buddies about survival techniques, hypothetical scenarios based on what's in the news, and general “need to know” info, we often identify things (that at least one of us) hasn't thought about. This is exactly why talking, listening and learning from our peers and fellow survivalists is so important. How else do you find out what you're missing? How else do you learn about new things? It's so important to keep the conversation going and stay knowledgeable on all things surrounding preparation, emergencies/disasters, kits, etc. That way when these situations present themselves, you're prepared both mentally and physically with what you need to push through.

Generally speaking when you prepare for something, it's easier if you have a guide or a list to follow, right?

Original Image Source: Tim Pierce

On page 2 of today's post, we're going to discuss 4 topic that every Die Hard Survivor should be aware of and prepared for in case SHTF. 


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