Tactical Hand Signals That Are Essential to Learn for a Collapse

Hand signals when we are unable to communicate as we normally would is an invaluable tool that is utilized in many environments.

In fact, NASCAR drivers use these hand signals to let the team know they are ready to hit the pit stop. Similarly, NFL quarterbacks use them to shift offenses. In baseball, almost everyone on the team understand hand signals and they use them during the ball game.

In more pertinent and dangerous situations, military personnel, the police, and SWAT utilize them to communicate, especially when silent communication is important. Many people may think they know their team like the back of their hand, but communicating by ESP is not very effective.

As a prepper preparing for a survival scenario, using hand signals is an invaluable tool, especially if it's vital to be silent or communicating by traditional means is not an option.

After the break learn about some handy and crucial basic hand signals everyone should take the time to learn. This is especially important when a collapse arrives!

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