With These 10 Powerful Powerless Tools It’s Possible to Make it Through an EMP

shovel in soil

Many people don't know what an EMP is, especially if they're not serious preppers. An EMP is an electromagnetic pulse, and the truth is if one were to tape place it could potentially wipe out anything from radios to cars and even pricey computer equipment in a mere blink of an eye.

Someone who is not that familiar with an EMP may say something like “That can't take place, can it?”

Unfortunately this isn't considered “fake news” — an EMP could very well arrive and we'll need whatever we can to help us get through it, including non-powered tools.

That's why it's vital for those of us who are preparing for a collapse and EMP to prepare friends and loved ones ahead of time by telling them what to expect. After all, we don't want them to be left in the dark — literally.

On the next page check out some tools that can help us make it through an EMP. We may not be able convince everyone to prepare for a collapse or an EMP, but at least we'll have some tools to help us take it on!

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