The Fantastic Four: When the Crunch Is Here These Plants Are Life-Saving

pine tree shelter

Knowing that the crunch is here and that we're experiencing it real time is a difficult pill to swallow. This is especially the case if we lack the survival skills and knowledge.

There's no doubt that we can pack a lot of MRE's in our survival bags, but after they're eaten we'll need to find food elsewhere — and fast. Plus, let's not forget about the inconsistent weather that can lead to a person getting lost, adding to the already existing problems.

When we run out of provisions and food, how will we be able to locate plants and know how to use them to survive? Hunting may not always be an option, especially since being stealth is important. That's why finding and eating plants may be the best option.

Many people aren't aware of just how many edible plants are out there in the woods (and yes, in botany a tree is still considered a plant), but the truth is if we know what the fantastic four are, our odds of making it through greatly increase.

On the next page check out four incredible plants that not only can keep us alive but can also provide us with much-needed nutrition. When we need to make it to a bug out location it's this nutrition that'll keep us going. Also, a few will also work as shelters!

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