Who Lives in the Zones? Check Out This U.S. Nuclear Target Map to Find Out:

target map

When we first came across this map we couldn't believe it. Not only was it intriguing for us to learn about what type of zone we should be living in and what areas are more prone to danger, now we know just how powerful this map could be if war with North Korea or another country becomes real.

After checking out this map we had to share it with others. It's interesting to study the zones and understand which areas are the most likely to be destroyed by a nuke.

Let's face it: with the tensions rising over Russia, North Korea, Syria, and not to mention all of the other disasters the U.S. has had to face as of late, it's a good idea to ramp up in preparation for whatever else may come our way. Stockpiling food, making sure we have enough water and creating new bug out shelters in anticipation for disasters has never been more important.

So prior to spending that hard-earned money on putting together a state of the art fallout shelter, we might want to study this map to see what our chances are of surviving a nuke in our area. It may be time for us to hit the road or build a bigger and better shelter!

Check out the map on the next page to see what we're talking about and plan accordingly.

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  1. Jim Neal said:

    What makes you think they will target empty silos? We will have sent those flying before they could be knock out. They’ll target major population centers for maximum effect.

  2. Rick Savage said:

    I am not clicking through tons of ads. We’ll all feel pain if the nukes start dropping. Same old Cold War stuff.

  3. Joe Fox said:

    This map is for Russia. Now we have amateurs with nukes who just want to be famous. I would be more worried if I lived in Hawaii or Guam…the west coast even. Btw this is what eight years of an empty, pop star, infant leftist presidency gets you. Iran and North Korea have nukes now… Iran used the pallet of cash Obama gave them. (Google it)
    Isis formed and we surrendered the middle East to terrorists and Russia after spending trillions to secure it during this dark time. Seems to me electing the right men and women is a huge survival thing going forward. We can illaford stupidity.

  4. Nigel Cousins said:

    Totally bull$#%&!@* You don’t think Houston Petro chemical refineries ( biggest in country) won’t get hit along with nasa

  5. Anonymous said:

    Please stop posting this. Ground targeting is so old fashioned. A single high altitude (300mile) donation anywhere in the center will permanently take out all power, electronics, and vehicles. This is NK’s strategy that nobody talks about. 90% population loss in a year. It’s called an EMP attack, google it.