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smoke flare signaling for help

Signaling for Help – How to Do it and Still Be Effective

Signaling for Help – How to Do it and Still Be Effective

In the vast majority of cases where people get lost in the wilderness, they are not “lost” so much as “lost their way” and know generally where they are or fall within the boundaries of normal search and rescue parameters. With some cases, however, they truly are both lost and stranded and beyond normal search

different skills

9 Skills Everyone Should Take the Time to Master

There are many elements to being able to successfully make it through a survival situation. Depending on the severity of the crisis you face, each of those elements – presence of mind, preparation, innovation, adaptability, flexibility and fitness are all vital keys to ensuring you have what you need to power through safely and as

blending in a crowd

7 Critical Ways to Blend in During a Disaster

Blending in during a survival situation is a very under-estimated skill. The tendency of almost everyone is to make sure everyone knows you are prepared and ready for whatever you have to face. This is a huge mistake! It is critical to your being able to make it through successfully, especially if you are stuck

seismograph earthquake

How to Prepare for an Earthquake Disaster

Unless you live in one of the earthquake prone areas of the country, most people do not actively think about an earthquake at all, let alone as a survival scenario. But the reality is almost every state has at least one earthquake prone fault and while the odds are very low, given the right circumstances,