3 Clever Tips for Locating Game Every Hunter Must Know

hunting deer sunset

The majority of us do not hunt, but that might become a thing of the past if we are ever faced with a survival situation.

Whether it makes you squeamish or not, hunting is one way to ensure that you have access to protein, vitamins, and minerals.

Unfortunately, despite what many people think, hunting for game is not nearly as easy as some suppose.

If you think it through, it makes sense.

You are “trespassing” on an animal's territory, it knows the territory far better than you and you are trying to kill it, so its survival instincts have kicked in and its “red flag” system is on high alert.

That is why you must prepare for a hunt before you start, identify areas that will likely hold game and then use strategy and tactics to increase your chances of securing a kill.

On the next page, we show one method of doing just that!

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