(Video) How to Gather Natural Cordage During a Survival Situation

natural cordage

Cordage is one of the most scarce things you will find yourself in need of during an emergency situation. What should you do if you have no strings, ropes, or cords?

What if you had rope, but you already used it up? Well. we're about to show you how to gather natural cordage when you're out and about.

We got a great video for you from Schrade Quick Tips that shows us how to gather the supplies to make natural cordage. In this video, they discuss key points like the need of a good bushcraft knife as well as how to find and natural green cordage.

We think the tips and tricks featured in this video are super useful and cool!

Before you even think of attempting to finding your own natural cordage, be sure to check out this amazing video on the next page!

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