Cell Phones Are Spying On Us: How to Stop This Take Over From Happening

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Technology is always evolving and with that comes a concern for our safety. We've heard in the media and know that our cell phones monitor our activity, which can be a little discoerning, to say the least.

A report has said that around 85% of smartphones carry 24 “zero days,” which means there's a glitch that has exploited by CIA agents. What they do is collect private messages and audio from our cell phones everyday.

With this taking place for an extended period of time now, it makes us concerned. Many people are concerned that their privacy is being compromised, and it's no wonder they feel this way.

It's important to know that this glitch is mainly found in Android smartphones — specifically Sony or Samsung. So if you or a loved one has this phone and even if you don't, you should still check out the steps on the next page that'll help you block officials' access. This is important to do if you care about your privacy.

On the next page learn what steps you can apply to stop a cell phone from spying on your every move.

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  1. Justin Tegtmeier said:

    This is good…if you don’t plan on using your phone. If that’s the case, leave the phone at home and carry a pager. They still exist.