Survival Experts Tell Us: “Stop Believing This Garbage”

winter survival shelter teepee

Admit it: Many of us enjoy browsing and reading about the latest news on social media, blogs, news sites, and more. However, it's safe to say it's a good idea to take what we read with a grain of salt. By now we all know the common phrase “fake news” and how inaccurate “facts” can be.

Yes, there are many survival blogs and sites on the web that give us all sorts of advice. They may even suggest we shouldn't believe in what others have to say. And yes, reliable websites continue to provide accurate advice with facts, but even the best of the best can go wrong and accidentally not report 100% accurate information. Even ours!

Essentially not every so-called survival “expert” understands what they are saying is 100% true, so it's important for us read between the lines and sometimes not take everything we read and hear as factual information.

Thankfully most of has have common sense and get that we can't believe everything. There's a lot of misinformation not only on the web but in print that we must be skeptical about as we digest what news we're given.

On the following page learn about some common survival “truths” that must be taken with a grain of salt.

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