Before Throwing Out Old Tires, Check Out These Ingenious Ways to Put Them to Good Use

tires for roofing

Unless a family lives in an urban area, chances are there are many worn out and used tires hanging around a home or neighborhood that aren't being utilized.

In many places, tires are a bit expensive to get rid of legally and getting rid of them illegally is not an option, so many times they end up being stored in an old barn, largely forgotten.

Thankfully old tires that have been abandoned do not have to be in an old barn for decades. Believe it or not, they have a lot of potentials when it comes to utilizing them more than just a vehicle!

With some creativity, there's a way to re-purpose old tires and transform them into useful homesteading projects, and that's not all. Why not save some money on items that we would otherwise deem as trash?!

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