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Common Sense Tips to Make a Home Burglar-Proof

Common Sense Tips to Make a Home Burglar-Proof

Estimates vary, but statistics show that an attempted burglary happens about once ever 20 seconds in the United States. That means over two million homes will be broken into annually and of those, in 30 percent of the cases, the burglar gained access to the home through an open window or door. But that means

using duct tape

Duct Tape: The Perfect Survival Tool?

Ask anyone who has done home projects and they will tell you: Duct tape can be a life saver. I have even used duct tape to serve as a temporary bandage when I cut myself on a job; it was not perfect or pretty, but it got the job done until I could get proper


Homemade MRE’s – Cheaper and Better!

If you are survival minded and determined to be prepared for the next survival incident and its aftermath, chances are you have debated with yourself whether to purchase Meals-Ready-To-Eat (MRE). There are many options, varying in taste, quality and shelf-life and prices vary from about $6 a meal to over $9. The debate is whether

prepper destruction

25 Vital Survival Items a Person Forgot to Buy

No matter how well prepared you are, in the aftermath of a survival incident, you will discover something you forgot or overlooked or under appreciated. This is because survival situations change everything and that means stuff gets used quicker than you planned or new needs are created or there just is too much out there

hunter with rifle bushcraft

A Guide to Bushcraft Hunting Tools

The key to any successful hunt is to make sure you have the right tools for the job you are tackling. Hunting waterfowl with a rifle, for example, is not a recipe for success. Neither is hunting bear with a .22. The silly analogies are probably, literally, endless, but you get the point. In most