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Cool Ways to Use a Mylar Blanket for Survival

The Mylar blanket is probably one of man’s greatest accomplishments. It is one of those survivor items, something any outdoorsman should have in his or her backpack, that really packs a punch. Honestly, you do not realize just how important it is until you have to do without it. What is there NOT to love

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(Video) 13 Camping Hacks That Could Save a Life

Almost everyone loves a good “hack.” I am not talking about the type that lets other people steal your identity or the type that allegedly helps or hinders politicians in major, national elections! I am talking about hacks that make life easier. Life is difficult enough without doing things one way when there is an

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How to Make Lye From Wood Ashes

Warning: Lye is caustic and can hurt you if you are not careful. Always make sure you wear long pants, boots, a long sleeved shirt, gloves and eye protection when working with or handling Lye. Also, be prepared to dispose of whatever you wear if it becomes contaminated. Making your own Lye from wood ashes

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DIY Products the Survivalist Can Make From Home

Part of being a homesteader or survivalist is self-sufficiency, which is the ability to do things yourself without having to rely on external organizations or people. Many of us, for instance, have learned how to do-it-yourself (DIY) when it comes to home improvement projects, survival preparation, and household goods. This not only makes us more

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(Video) Why Everyone Needs a Bucket Opener

This is a simple, practical post for those who store food (or other survival materials or equipment) in buckets. If you have ever struggled with opening a bucket by hand, you know it can be alternatively frustrating, difficult and painful – or all three! Buckets made for water and airtight storage are supposed to be