(Video) First Aid Hacks That Can Save a Person’s Life in a Survival Situation

survival medical supplies

Dealing with cuts, abrasions, rashes and worse is a fact of life when living, working or playing in the outdoors.

The threat of an injury is made much worse in the chaotic environment of a survival situation.

In the aftermath of a survival crisis, just about everything can pose a health or safety threat.

It is fair to say that depending on your circumstance, whether you are in a safe place or not, in a survival situation there are a million ways to harm yourself and only a few to get out unscathed.

That is why in addition to a fully stocked first aid kit, you have to know the basics of first aid – and survival hacks to deal with all the possible ways you may hurt yourself.

The video on the next page covers a bunch of critical first aid hacks that you can use if you find yourself in a survival situation.

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