(Video) How to Super Clean an Engine Bay so a Bug Out Vehicle Will be Ready to Go

cleaning an engine

Keep a car in great condition for when a survival situation takes place and have a reliable source of transportation. This seems like a simple enough suggestion but many are surprised by how few people, preppers or survivors, keep their cars maintained. We know it can be an expensive prospect but what is even more expensive is not maintaining your car and having it fall apart during a catastrophe!

It actually does not take that much if you are vigilant. If you have a good working car to begin with you just need to make certain all remains tuned and dirt-free. We have already shown you a video regarding keeping those headlights clean for the life of the car and this time we are showing you how to keep that engine bay clean.

That may seem frivolous when you consider the big picture but it really is not.
The inside of your engine bay and how clean you keep it goes a long way in making certain the rest of your car operates well. Go over to the next page to see just how important it can be!

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