(Video) The Marlin Spike Hitch Knot – Easy, Dependable and a Must Learn

spike hitch knot

Survival knots are like survival knives, rifles, pretty much every other piece of survival gear!

Everyone has their favorite.

Really the only two rules that should apply to any survival knot are: Is it simple to make and will it hold even if extreme pressure is applied to it.

Those two rules can make the difference between success or failure and in some cases, life or severe injury, even death.

The Marlin Spike Hitch knot meets those two criteria.

It is so simple someone not familiar with many other survival skills can master it quickly and easily.

As long as you apply it correctly, it is a very strong, reliable knot that is easily undone – when you want to undo it.

The video on the next page covers how to make a Marlin Spike Hitch!

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