(Video) How to Permanently Restore Headlights – This is So Ingenious!

restore headlights

If you’ve ever owned an older car you have had the lovely experience of getting all that terrible oxidation on your headlights. It fogs them up and makes the light coming from them a little more difficult to see than when they were new, fresh and clear.

Worse yet, it also makes it difficult for us to see at night. We might get a little light from them but nothing like it should be!

There are a lot of cleaning solutions on the market but most of them are expensive and only last for a little while. What we need is an inexpensive cleaner that is good for the life of the car!

The answer is here! From a video created in October 2014, our host gives us a fairly easy headlight restoration, that will get rid of that hazy yellow film forever! And it only costs ten dollars ($10) a headlight! Intrigued? Go over to the next page and check this miracle solution!

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