(Video) Money Saving Car Tricks That’ll Keep a Car in Excellent Shape for Cheap

car hack

When we have an emergency the last thing we need is for our car to give us grief. It doesn’t even have to be engine failure or a dead battery. It’s the little things like a disgustingly dirty drink holder or those greasy French fries that end up under your seat after a fast-food run, that might make you pause.

Okay, we get it. We usually do survival or prepping stories here and this may not seem like something crazy-important now but, in the future, when your boss ends up in your auto, wondering what that smell is, you might wish you would have thought about some car maintenance hacks or tips that really work!

And that is the point. Some hacks lead to other hacks and you really should not say one is less important than the other. Perhaps finding the perfect car phone holder will save your life one day! Hey, don’t say it cannot happen!

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