(Video) Assembling a Shelf Bracket Stove for Survival

shelf bracket stove

When we were kids we had a one-story house and in order to get all of our “stuff” inside we had to build up rather than out. That meant putting up shelves. And we put up a LOT of them!

In our house, Dad and Mom would help but we were basically, as kids, on our own. We were not given expensive shelving units to install but screws, metal wall liners, unpainted wooden boards, and brackets!

In other words, we were well versed in the use of brackets even before this clever hack came our way. Yet, having said this, it never occurred to us that the brackets could be used for any other purpose than holding up shelves! This is a revelation – and pretty great hack.

This is especially true for those of us who have very little room in our backpacks and have been wondering what we can do to cut back on the bulk.

Go over to the next page and what a great video showing us how to create a stove from shelf brackets!

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