(Video) Why Everyone Needs a Bucket Opener

bucket opener

This is a simple, practical post for those who store food (or other survival materials or equipment) in buckets.

If you have ever struggled with opening a bucket by hand, you know it can be alternatively frustrating, difficult and painful – or all three!

Buckets made for water and airtight storage are supposed to be difficult to open; otherwise, the entire point of using a bucket to protect its contents is lost!

Because of that, though, storage buckets can be very problematic to open.

One tool can make this all easier though.

A bucket wrench, or opener, can be purchased at most home improvement stores or contractor retailer, like a carpet/flooring supply company.

The bucket wrench allows you to use torque and a ledge on the wrench to open the bucket safely and easily.

To see a video on using this time and hand-saving tool, check out the next page.

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