(Video) Using Only Shipping Containers, This Man Created a Stunning Home

shipping containers home

We have heard of container homes, have even read and written articles about their potential, but their ruggedness and often displeasing aesthetics tend to make an average person wonder how long a family can live in one without realizing they may have made a mistake. We think of ourselves as creative but even we had to pause and wonder about this. Just how much can you do with a shipping container?

Having built one of his own, designer Julio Garcia might be considered an expert on the art. It had always been an interest of his and when he found the perfect place to build one in Savannah, Georgia, he went to work! Because of the way his land looked he knew a linear design was what he wanted. He purchased two forty foot shipping containers at a great price from the Port of Savannah – and would have bought more if he had a place to put them!

On the next page, we have a video showing what he came up with. It is a modern and beautiful structure that costs far less than a normal home. Go take a look and learn more about his story!

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