Bugging Out But No Place to Live? Try a Converted Travel Trailer!


Uncertainty and necessity breed innovation and nowhere is that more evident than in the world of survivalists.

One area that has gained prominence among many survivalists is the need to be able to bug-out on short notice.

That has meant a host of innovations in bug-out vehicles and survivalists embracing the concept of tiny homes or transporters serving as survival vehicles.

One new concept is transforming pull-along, travel trailers into livable spaces and the options for these innovative bug-out vehicles is growing!

These trailers are being fitted with plumbing, electricity, technology and living conditions that while not suitable for a long-term stay in most cases, are more than suitable to help folks escape a survival situation and get to safety.

To see one concept of a travel trailer being converted into an amazing bug-out vehicle, check out the next page!

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