(Video) She Ties a Few Sticks Together and What She Creates is SO Useful for Surviving!

tying sticks together

We have never made a secret of our admiration when it comes to the queen of survivalists, Survivor Lilly. She is awesome and, in this feature, she is going to show us how to build a natural bow and arrow out of nature and a few supplies she has in her backpack!

Now, before we go into this know Lilly is trying this for the first time and she has since come back and adjusted her outlook. She admits the bow’s limbs were slightly too weak and now she knows that birch may not be the best wood to make it from. Too springy.

However, she was happy with the arrow, especially with her hand-made feathers. Still, she did have problems with the tip and shaft. Lilly pledges to do better next time and we believe her!

Meanwhile, check out her video, on the next page, on how to make a bow and arrow. Take notes, consider her adjustments, and just enjoy the fact and idea that you too can build an effective hunting tool out in the nature around you!

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