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FDA Changes the Classification of Kratom, a Natural Pain Reliever

FDA Changes the Classification of Kratom, a Natural Pain Reliever

The fear of your kids or another loved one finding the latest recreational dug and partaking can be stressful. We get it. Even if it’s potentially safe in moderation, like marijuana, it is still a possible “starter drug” and – hey – it’s illegal (mostly)! However, there are plants out there that, while having the


Properly Using Epinephrine in Vials

Standard Warning: As with anything medical that involves something that can kill you, please check with medical professionals before moving ahead with the advice in this article. As always, use common sense, get needed training if necessary and do all you can to avoid becoming a statistic. If you or a loved one suffers from

arm bleeding

How to Stop Bleeding in a Pinch!

During and in the aftermath of a survival incident, or even if you are camping or just working in the backyard, there are literally dozens of ways you could end up cutting, scraping, hacking and even stabbing yourself. If the wound is severe enough, bleeding can become a major issue and potentially one that could


How to Properly Store Medications for SHTF

All preppers know that stockpiling food, water, tools, and medical supplies is crucial to surviving any disruptive event. If you have these supplies you will be ready for just about anything that may happen. However, if you don’t store medications the right way they can lose their effectiveness and won’t be helpful when you need

making medicine

How to Go About Making Chloroform for Survival

Chloroform is one of those things that’s just steeped in negative connotations. In nearly every spy or killer movie, chloroform is the agent of lost power, rendering the hero or the villain unconscious long enough for their enemy to get them tied up and submitting to the will of the opposing force. With such a

bandage on a wound

How to Survive When a Wound Gets Infected

One of the most important areas for a survivalist/prepper to consider is that of first aid. Keeping in mind that if you have three years of food and water stored up, you’ll probably need more than just a tiny backpacking first aid kit to help you survive until the world returns to normal, if it