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Backcountry Emergencies: Why Knowing How to Clean a Wound is One of the Most Vital Skills to Learn

Backcountry Emergencies: Why Knowing How to Clean a Wound is One of the Most Vital Skills to Learn

If you have never hurt yourself while out camping or during survival training we give you big congratulations and pat on the back. We, on more than one occasion, have had scrapes, scratches, and even a sprained ankle while hiking in the wilderness. However, that may have more to do with clumsiness than a natural


Honey – Nature’s Survival Antibiotic

Cuts and scrapes, if not severe wounds are almost an inevitability if you and your loved ones find yourself in a survival situation. Since most survival incidents are natural in terms of origin, mangled wood, metal and other materials are common and that means lots of stuff to get yourself hung up on. If your


Why a Person May Want to Skip the Painkillers and Take These Instead

While as preppers we all know how important it is to pack as many over-the-counter medications for a collapse, eventually, your supply may dwindle down to nothing. Of course, during SHTF, we’re all prepared for a complete end of medication production. So what’s the solution for this problem? Natural pain relievers and treatments. That’s right,

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The Weed That is Supposed to Heal Almost Anything

Learning about edible plants and their benefits is a key skill every survivalist needs. It’s necessary to find out which plants are okay to eat or have medicinal properties as well as which plants to avoid. We’re about to introduce you to one plant (a weed, actually) that may change your life. The Plantain Weed


10 Medical Supplies Most People Tend to Overlook

When it comes to preparing for emergencies and disasters, it’s crucial to consider potential medical issues that may arise. Nobody wants to think of life-threatening or critical situations, but it is something that everyone should prepare for. You may already have a small arsenal of medical and health supplies on hand. Many survivalists stockpile on


How to Relieve Pain Naturally During SHTF

If you have ever sustained an injury or illness and had no access to pain or fever management medications, you know how awful it can be. Even slight discomfort, in the best of circumstances, can be aggravating to the point of distraction. In the worst, a person can be completely immobilized and paralyzed with pain


Properly Using Epinephrine in Vials

Standard Warning: As with anything medical that involves something that can kill you, please check with medical professionals before moving ahead with the advice in this article. As always, use common sense, get needed training if necessary and do all you can to avoid becoming a statistic. If you or a loved one suffers from