How to Treat Cavities and Teeth Without the Help of a Dentist


The very idea of self-surgery sounds as crazy as it is but, when it comes to our teeth, we may have little choice after a big-time survival situation. Think about it. We're are bugging out when the first signs of a toothache are felt. There are no dentists around and we sure as heck are not going to let untested cousin Leonard poke around in our mouth.

The point is if that scenario happens you are really up a creek. The pain will only get worse and, with all the anxiety of an “end of days” situation about you, the last thing you need is the stress of a mouth or teeth infection. You need to prepare for this eventuality as well as any other that might arise.

No, it’s not a happy thought and you may well want to forget it – but don’t. If not for yourself, think of your children. They will not be keeping their baby teeth forever and, if there are problems you may be the one that will have to take care of it, hopefully as painlessly as possible.

Go over to the next page and see how to treat cavities and teeth without the help of a dentist. Remember, preparation does not stop at food, water, and your knife collection!

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