Survival First Aid – What Most People Need But Do Not Have in Their Kits

Vegetable Bouillon, Stock or Broth Cubes

Most First Aid Kits serve two purposes: To treat simple injuries or to help you stabilize an injury in order to get yourself or the person you are treating to a more professional medical setting.

The reality is most First Aid Kits are not equipped to handle tougher medical injuries or emergencies – they are basically “patch and go” kits.

In a survival situation, however, the “and go” part of the equation might not be available, or be overwhelmed, or be very hard to access.

If that is the case, your “First Aid Kit” is basically your “medical facility” and that means you have to have much more in terms of supplies, equipment and materials than your typical arrangement.

To see some common items that are often overlooked or not stored because people do not realize your survival First Aid Kit is potentially your medical lifeline, check out the next page.

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