Survival First Aid – What Most People Need But Do Not Have in Their Kits

Vegetable Bouillon, Stock or Broth Cubes

If you are preparing a First Aid Kit for a survival situation, you must look beyond the box.

You have to prepare as if you will not have a professional medical facility at your avail; that means you must have a more comprehensive cache of medical supplies, materials, and equipment.

N-100 High Filtration Face Mask/Respirator

The N-100 seals to the face and provides more filtration protection than the N-95. It also has an exhalation valve. Here is more information about selecting face masks.

Reference Materials

Merck Manual, JP Sanford (antibiotic guide), Tarascon’s Pharmacopea (Rx index), CPR & Cardiac Care guides, etc.

Penrose Drain Tubes

These can be used as tourniquets or drains, etc.

Suction Device, manual operation (non-electric)*

For anyone choking who is needing “suction” or as you “intubate” (only for advanced care professionals).

Foley Catheters*

Used for urinary blockage relief, but also for a make-shift “chest tube” when necessary!

Nasogastric Tubes and Large Syringe*

These can be used for Rectal IV instillation when an IV cannot be accessed.

Bouillon cubes

Can be mixed with water for an electrolyte solution to drink when very ill. The solution can also be administered rectally with the concept above as well. Very handy to know and have on hand in a pinch.


These will be a must-have in any post-collapse scenario! Check out this article for more details about how to stock up on antibiotics and which to buy.

Oropharyngeal Airways or OP Airways*

These can save a life if you know how and when to use them!


Pedialyte is best, not Gatorade! You can also mix up your own with this recipe.

Over-the-counter medications


Hypothermia is a real danger outside when any patient is traumatized.

Ear Candles

These are easy to carry and used to provide relief with ear pain.

Organic (not synthetic) Natural Multi-B Vitamins

Needles and scalpels

Along with these, you’ll need the knowledge to use them properly. Training is necessary to use these items, and DO NOT USE this stuff if you don’t know how to do so, ever! However, if a medical professional is able to provide assistance, they will be invaluable.

Emotional Stress Treatment

Have on hand extra meds you and family members are already taking. If you run out of special meds that treat acute episodes, it will definitely be a time to panic!

A traditional First Aid Kit is not meant to treat very serious injuries or illness – it really is only meant as a “stop-gap” method to stabilize someone until they can get to a professional healthcare facility.

Because of that, in a survival situation, you have to expand the traditional First Aid Kit to something more usable.

To read up on more suggestions for your “First Aid Kit on Steroids,” please visit The Survival Mom.