The Fantastic Four: How These Plants Will be Life-Saving During a Collapse

oak tree for survival

Knowing that the collapse has arrived and we're now experiencing it real time is a difficult pill to swallow, especially if there's a lack of resources and survival knowledge.

People can have a lot of MRE's in their bug out bags, but after they're all used and if inclement weather isn't a factor, many survivalists will be hunting for food when MRE's are gone.

However, even though hunting with traps may be an option, it may not be possible, especially if you're trying to lay low. Plus, animals may be scarce if everyone is thinking of doing the same thing.

Plants are another option and luckily there are four of them that can provide a lot of nutrition. They can be life-saving when the going gets rough.

Learn more about 4 plants and how to use them to your advantage during a collapse after the break.

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