The Secret Native Americans Swear by to Survive a Venomous Snake Bite

venomous snake

Luckily, snake bites are rare. Not so luckily, they do happen, especially in some areas of North and South America.

Depending on the type of snake that bites you, the risks can range from severe bacterial infections to cells being destroyed, cardiac arrest, organ, nervous system and brain debilitation to toxic shock.

Then there are the snakes that latch onto you and squeeze you to death.

This article is not about them, though.

If you are bitten, you have a relatively short amount of time to treat the results of venom.

Hopefully, you have some snake venom antidote, but if not, there are some natural remedies that can at least reduce the symptoms, if not eradicate them.

While your best bet is always to seek medical attention and you should as soon as possible when bitten by any animal, the remedies on the next page can help in a pinch.

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  1. Ronald Gerber said:

    What about the tribe that catches electric eels with their bare hands due to an ancient method

  2. David Wood said:

    Got bit by a copperhead when I was 8 yrs old. My Dad had warned me multiple times not to play with poisonous snakes ,but I had no fear of them. I wasn’t paying attention and the damn thing hit me right behind the right ear. I wore a winter boggen for a week sick as a dog. High fever and the worst headache ever. I started feeling better on the 7th Day so I sat down at the dinner table and my Dad had a no hat policy when we ate dinner. I took off that boggen and he seen the big swollen spot on my head and when I told him what happened, I got my$#%&!@*beat, then he took me to the hospital. Doctor told me that I was lucky I didn’t die. Getting my$#%&!@*beat was like insult to injury. I learned never handle poisonous snakes without securing the head first ,& I learned not to disobey my father in the same week. Lol

  3. David Wood said:

    I’ve used this before in a poultice. Helps with inflammation. Also good in a tea for stomach bloating. I know lots of plants thanks to my natural medicine mentor, Chief John.

  4. William Paul Baugh said:

    Dont get bit was the best cure i know of. but if the unfortunate event occurs pray you are close to a hospital and have good insurance