The Secret Native Americans Swear by to Survive a Venomous Snake Bite

venomous snake

There are a lot of things in the wild that can harm, maim, kill and/or eat you and snakes are one them.

If you are bitten, if medical attention is not available, there are some natural remedies that at least will give you a fighting chance until you can get professional, medical help.

If Bitten By A Snake Or Animal…

So, what happened if you were bitten by a snake or an animal? First, don’t panic! There are several things that you can do to prevent swelling and pain. Native Americans have been using the plantain leaves for centuries to help reduce swelling and as an anti-toxin.

According to Dr. Christopher’s Herbal Legacy website, the plantain was used for a variety of illnesses and was a key remedy to cure the rattlesnake bite. Native Americans also used them for battle bruises and for drawing out any type of snake venom.

The Gwen’s Nest health website says “Plantain has been used since ancient times for snake bites, mad dog bites, and a variety of internal diseases. … Plantain herb can be used internally and externally for many different conditions. Basically, anything dealing with a toxin or venom … I have personally used it to remedy poison ivy/rashes, mosquito bites in children who have allergies to them, and bee stings.”

The plantain leaves can be chewed up and applied to a wound to help swelling. Another option would be black cohosh, which has several different applications.

The Southeast Wise Women website explains that “Black cohosh has been in Native American medicine for centuries and was also used by European settlers. Native Americans worked with black cohosh to treat snake bite and as a ceremonial herb to bring visions.”

While there are several other remedies that work OK on their own, a combination of a few of them make a serious fighting power against snake bites and animal wounds. Caroline Thompson at Livestrong found that “The Menominees Indians used witch hazel to reduce swelling and inflammation. They boiled the leaves and rubbed the liquid on the area that needed treatment. In a 1994 study at the department of physiology and pharmacology at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, researchers concluded that witch hazel does indeed contain anti-inflammatory substances.”

Snakes are generally harmless and the mantra that they are more scared of you than you are of them generally holds true (there are a few notable exceptions.)

If cornered, however, just about every snake will attack and if it is poisonous, the results can be deadly; if you do not have a snake bite kit or if you cannot get to medical professionals, natural remedies like the ones above might be your only option.

To learn more about snake bites and how to treat them, please visit Off the Grid News.


  1. Ronald Gerber said:

    What about the tribe that catches electric eels with their bare hands due to an ancient method

  2. David Wood said:

    Got bit by a copperhead when I was 8 yrs old. My Dad had warned me multiple times not to play with poisonous snakes ,but I had no fear of them. I wasn’t paying attention and the damn thing hit me right behind the right ear. I wore a winter boggen for a week sick as a dog. High fever and the worst headache ever. I started feeling better on the 7th Day so I sat down at the dinner table and my Dad had a no hat policy when we ate dinner. I took off that boggen and he seen the big swollen spot on my head and when I told him what happened, I got my$#%&!@*beat, then he took me to the hospital. Doctor told me that I was lucky I didn’t die. Getting my$#%&!@*beat was like insult to injury. I learned never handle poisonous snakes without securing the head first ,& I learned not to disobey my father in the same week. Lol

  3. David Wood said:

    I’ve used this before in a poultice. Helps with inflammation. Also good in a tea for stomach bloating. I know lots of plants thanks to my natural medicine mentor, Chief John.

  4. William Paul Baugh said:

    Dont get bit was the best cure i know of. but if the unfortunate event occurs pray you are close to a hospital and have good insurance