If Bit by a Brown Recluse it’s Not too Late. Here’s How to Properly Treat it ASAP.

brown recluse

The brown recluse spider has a reputation for being a poisonous and nasty spider that is also potentially deadly to boot! Unfortunately, for the spider, he may not be fond of his well-known reputation.

The good news is brown recluse spiders are usually pretty shy, which is why we are only likely to find them underneath a bed, in a closet, wood pile, or in dark corners in a basement. In fact, you have to come in close contact with a brown recluse in order for it to bite you.

Nonetheless, even though recluse spider bites can be painless or feel like an annoying mosquito bite and should not lead to lasting pain or skin damage, they still can be dangerous if you don't treat it.

Keep in mind this is especially true if you're bugging out or are off grid during a survival scenario!

To find out how to treat a bite from a brown recluse spider whether you're at your homestead with limited supplies or happen to be bugging out during a disaster, head to the next page.

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