(Video) How to Effectively Treat a Black Widow Spider Bite

black widow spider

Black Widows. The name alone sends chills down your back. One of the most dangerous and common insects around. You often hear stories about others getting bitten and either dealing with an incredible amount of pain or even dying. It's pretty scary.

However, when it comes to a real life encounter with a Black Widow, you need to be prepared. In today's video, you'll learn how to treat a spider bite in the most effective way possible.

No need to fear! If you have the right information on hand, then you'll know what to do if you or someone close to you gets bitten!

Check out the next page to find out how to treat a Black Widow bite like a true survivalist.

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  1. Jay Tilman said:

    There was only a video about the symptoms of a black widow bite.. not about home /survival situ treatments.

  2. Chris Moore said:

    They are pretty tame. Not a very aggressive spider at all. They are everywhere where i live. I dont know anyone who has ever been bit by one.

  3. Sam Anc said:

    yup same here only guy i know to ever get bit by one it cuz he$#%&!@*with it

  4. Larry Harvey said:

    I know two people bittten By brown recluse, one almost died. The oh ER suffered a long time

  5. Dustin Hall said:

    Where the f did it say how to treat a bite? The only thing remotely close to anything was “horse proteins” which it also said could be potentially more dangerous…That video did everything but tell me something I didn’t already know…

  6. Tarri Sorenson said:

    This beauty was on a piece of wood I brought in the house from the woodshed.

  7. Cameron Clarke said:

    In Australia it’s known as a Red Back! The female is the nasty one! When treating follow your basic first aid in bandaging a spider wound and call for emergency services for expert help! The bite stings like F@&k I don’t recommend it at all!

  8. Christine Louise said:

    Was camping long ago and Woke up to a black widow spider in my bed ….I rolled over and looked it square in the face… can’t believe it didn’t bite me yikes !!

  9. Brian Jarrell said:

    Ozone will neutralize the toxin from any spider or snake bite. PM me for more info.