(Video) How to Effectively Treat a Black Widow Spider Bite

black widow spider

If you're wondering how poisonous a black widow is, this video will explain it all. What's more, you'll also learn how to effectively treat a bite! You'll definitely want to have this skill!

Now that you know just how dangerous a Black Widow really is, you'll know just how to be careful around them. On top of that, now that you know how to treat a bite, your outdoor excursions will be a lot safer. What a relief!

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  1. Jay Tilman said:

    There was only a video about the symptoms of a black widow bite.. not about home /survival situ treatments.

  2. Chris Moore said:

    They are pretty tame. Not a very aggressive spider at all. They are everywhere where i live. I dont know anyone who has ever been bit by one.

  3. Sam Anc said:

    yup same here only guy i know to ever get bit by one it cuz he$#%&!@*with it

  4. Larry Harvey said:

    I know two people bittten By brown recluse, one almost died. The oh ER suffered a long time

  5. Dustin Hall said:

    Where the f did it say how to treat a bite? The only thing remotely close to anything was “horse proteins” which it also said could be potentially more dangerous…That video did everything but tell me something I didn’t already know…

  6. Tarri Sorenson said:

    This beauty was on a piece of wood I brought in the house from the woodshed.

  7. Cameron Clarke said:

    In Australia it’s known as a Red Back! The female is the nasty one! When treating follow your basic first aid in bandaging a spider wound and call for emergency services for expert help! The bite stings like F@&k I don’t recommend it at all!

  8. Christine Louise said:

    Was camping long ago and Woke up to a black widow spider in my bed ….I rolled over and looked it square in the face… can’t believe it didn’t bite me yikes !!

  9. Brian Jarrell said:

    Ozone will neutralize the toxin from any spider or snake bite. PM me for more info.