The Secret Native Americans Swear by to Survive a Venomous Snake Bite is About to be Revealed

venomous snake

We are dating ourselves but our father was bitten by a snake during wartime. Dad said he kept cool and allowed the medic to take care of the wound. He didn’t have much time but they rushed him to the med-station ASAP and that timing, the fact his pals knew what to do when it happened, saved his life!

We often wondered what might have happened to Dad had they not managed to get him to a doctor in time. Were the soldiers taught how to suck out the venom or whatever else needs to be done at a frightening moment like that? Probably, but we are sure there are some secret ways to survive a snakebite they did not know – and we would be right!

Native Americans know a lot about snakebite cures and over on the next page we are about to be told what we can do – should a medical doctor not be close – to survive a venomous snakebite!

If you hike in the wilderness or plan to bug out a lot in the wild this is the article to read!

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