Survival First Aid – What Everyone Should Know

survival emergency

The risk of injury is greatly enhanced during a survival situation, particularly if the survival incident is very violent (like with a tornado or hurricane) or leaves a large swath of carnage and debris (like in an earthquake or flood.)

In each case, more things are torn apart and that means, in addition to the everyday risk of injury, there are more things that can stab, cut, scrape or gouge you, both naturally and man made.

This is particularly true when there are a lot of people who are in shock, dazed or unaccustomed to moving about in the chaos and confusion of a survival incident and its aftermath.

The risk of trauma escalates based on how many people are involved, violent the survival incident was and how big and drastic the carnage is.

When that is a reality, knowing how to treat a serious injury is a critical skill; to get some pointers on that, check out the next page.

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