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8 EPIC Ways To Make Soda Cans Work In A Survival Situation

8 EPIC Ways To Make Soda Cans Work In A Survival Situation

Just about anywhere you go, anywhere people have traveled, you can find an aluminum soda can someone has thoughtlessly discarded. While this is awful for the environment, in a survival situation, one person’s litter is another person’s survival asset. In a survival situation, the versatility of the aluminum can is virtually unmatched. You can use

[VIDEO] Make This Awesome Brick Stove For Under $10

Ideally, when a SHTF scenario or survival situation arises, you are fully prepared or at the very least can ride it out without having to improvise or adapt to meet an unanticipated need. We all know that is not realistic, though, and most of us expect that we will have to improvise to cover unanticipated events or

Make Your Own Compartmentalized Fire Straws For Emergencies

Matches work great when they’re dry. But we’ve all been in outdoor situations with items that are mean to be kept dry somehow get damaged and wet. In the case of matches, they only work properly when they’re dry. So whether you’re walking in the woods and are suddenly met with a rain storm, or your fishing

5 Beneficial Things You Can Do With Recycled Rain Water

In this day and age of water shortages, and certain cities allowing home owners an allotment of only ten minutes an evening to water lawns, it is – especially common in the West Coast – important to recycle the water that comes from the sky. For centuries drought ridden areas, and even those areas that are not so parched, have

How To Make This Rain Barrel For Survival

Most survivalists are conservationists by nature – not necessarily in the political sense – but in the practical sense. We re-purpose, recycle, reuse, reclaim, re-engineer, we do a lot of “re-ing” because we are always trying to get the utmost potential of all we use or consume. One easy thing that all of us should

Stay Cool In The Summer With This DIY Structural Awning

During the Summer months, just about everywhere, sitting outside in the hot sun can be brutal and for some, downright unhealthy. A Sunshade Structural Awning is one way of reducing exposure to the Sun and creating a place that is significantly cooler than its surroundings. Many will just buy a structural awning, but why do that when

Off Grid DIY Septic System

Getting rid of human waste safely is always an issue and because of that, we have a myriad of rules and regulations that govern how sewage is removed, stored, leeched and dispersed. In a SHTF scenario where you’re stuck for a few days , however, a traditional sewage system may not be available. If that is

Learn How To Make Your Own Glue

There are a lot of talents and skills that people living a long time ago – our ancestors if you will – possessed that we frankly have forgotten. This is because of mass manufacturing, automation and all the advances an industrialized world affords each of us, that we usually take for granted, but would dearly

This Awesome Tiny Home Wants To Be Made

Whether it is because of a desire for a more simple life, to save money or even to reduce our overall “footprint,” many people are downsizing their living spaces. One way is to take advantage of the growing trend that is “tiny homes.” You’ve probably seen examples of these on the internet or your local news