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[VIDEO] How To Build A Trash Barrel Root Cellar

Just as a reminder for new survivalists, a root cellar holds food supplies at a low temperature and steady humidity. A cellar keeps food from freezing during the winter and it keeps food cool during summertime to prevent spoilage. Typically vegetables like potatoes, turnips, and carrots are placed in a root cellar. Some people also place jars

[VIDEO] How To Make This Pine Pitch Glue

We take a lot of our daily lives for granted – stuff that we barely notice now, would become critical needs in a survival situation. Glue is one of those things we largely ignore until we need it and then the need becomes acute. Luckily, in a survival situation, nature has given you an amazing way

[VIDEO] DIY Solar Water Distiller

We all know that water is vital in a survival situation. After shelter, in terms of immediate needs, water ranks near the top of your priorities – you literally have about three to four days that you can survive without water and the clock starts ticking as soon as you take the last gulp of your

[VIDEO] Learn How To Cast Your Own Aluminum Ingots

In a survival or SHTF scenario, knowing how to melt and re-purpose aluminum is a handy skill that can have many different applications. One such application is to fashion ingots, which can then be melted down into any number of things, including something as simple as slingshot ammunition or as complicated as a motor part.

[VIDEO] Make This Water Filtration System For Under $15…

As survivalists we know if the grid ever goes down there will be certain (and often important) constants in our everyday lives that will become unavailable, non functional or even unhealthy. We need to be prepared for any eventuality. One of the most important things required for survival is the need for clean filtered water. Because who really knows

Build Your Own Inverted Solar Still

Every survival situation – it does not matter if it is the aftermath of a hurricane, laying low during civil unrest, getting lost in the wilderness – has four commonalities: You have to find shelter, food, water and create fire. Of those four, in the immediate, a safe haven is of paramount importance, but after

Make This Awesome DIY Stand For Your Hammock

Just about every loves retreating to a hammock on a hot, lazy summer day. They’re even good on cool days if you have a blanket to drape over yourself. Most people, however, are surprised when they learn that the hammock is the inexpensive part of the scenario – buying a hammock stand can get very

Make This Awesome WIDE Paracord Bracelet

A paracord bracelet can serve a variety of purposes. In a survival situation you can undo it and use the cord as fasteners, you could connect each piece to have one longer cord. And because of its durability, you can even use the bracelet itself as a fastener. This particular “Wide” paracord bracelet is adaptable

[VIDEO] Make This DIY Water Filter

One of the most acute needs a survivalist has during a survival situation is to gain access to clean water. Without water, you can last about three days. But filtering water in a survival situation can pose a challenge. This incredible water filtration device, made from PVC, a coffee filter and activated charcoal is inexpensive and

[VIDEO] Make This Garden Barrel Planter And Save Space

If you have a decent sized backyard with rich soil, you’re able to plant any number of vegetables, spices and herbs! There’s nothing better for a survivalist than to have an abundance of space to work with. That being said, many are not blessed with a large space. Ourselves included! So in situations like this, we need to work with