Survival DIY articles

DIY Super Simple Root Cellar

Storing vegetables in a root cellar is one option survivalists have if they lack the ability to can or freeze vegetables in winter. Root cellars have been around for at least 200 years and were primarily used in areas that got too cold in Winter to protect vegetables growing in the ground. Root vegetables store particularly

[VIDEO] Make This Awesome DIY BBQ Barrel

Innovation is the key to most survival situations. Your ability to use items you scavenge to modify or re-purpose can mean the difference between constantly struggling in a survival situation or being able to make the best out of a bad situation. The more you practice modifying stuff or re-purposing it when times are normal, the better you

Step By Step Guide To Tree Stump Removal

If you have a tree stump that you’d like to remove on your own, there’s no doubt as a modern-day survivalist you can check this task off your list in no time. In fact, there are a few methods you can use to safely remove a tree stump without causing injury and simplifying the process.

[VIDEO] Turn Your Putty Knife Into A Bushcraft Knife

As a survivalist, you know how important recycling and re-purposing anything and everything you can is to being able to cope in a survival situation. Virtually any old hand tool can be re-purposed into something else. In this case, an old putty knife is molded into a bushcraft knife, a handy, fixed blade utility-type knife that

PVC Pipe Snow Shoes You Can Make Yourself

Getting around in a snowy landscape can pose a problem, particularly if the snow is deeper than 8″ (for an average sized person). Not only is it more difficult to walk, unless you have some heavy duty snow boots, eventually your feet will grow cold, wet and travel will become more than uncomfortable and depending

Using Banana Peels To Purify Water

While it’s probably not rocket science to say that contaminated water is bad for you, few know what it takes to actually remove the contaminants out of water. Charcoal is certainly an option. If you’ve ever had a fish tank you may recall putting charcoal and padding inside the filter to keep the water clean.

Make This Simple And Effective Earth Oven!

Just think, a survivalists dream come true! A backyard earth oven that is serviceable and attention-grabbing! There are actually a few good reasons why someone might want to build an outdoor earth oven. First, building it is pretty easy if you follow the instructions given. Second, baking and/or cooking with it gets you outdoors away

[VIDEO] Make This Epic War Hammer

While it is unlikely you will ever have to face a zombie, you may find yourself in a survival situation or SHTF moment where you need a weapon, but lack one or what you have is not appropriate for the situation. Since we never know when a survival situation will arise, it is critical that