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[VIDEO] Simple Method For Catching Live Bait

Catching fish is a critical skill every survivalist should work on mastering. This is because of all the meat sources available to someone in the wild, fishing is the most dependable and if done properly, the easiest. While game might not be easy to find and some are just too large for a short-term survival

How To Build Your Own EPIC Stove For Outdoor Use!

Once you have all the basics covered in a survival situation, it you need to create functional tools that make your life easier and allow you to perform critical tasks, such as cooking food. You can always use a traditional campfire, but building a large fire is not always practical. One relatively easy-to-make solution to

Paracord Rifle Sling: A Step By Step Guide

For the survivalist that hunts with a rifle, a comfortable, durable sling is almost as critical as reliable ammunition and having your firearm sighted properly. On a long trek or while hauling game out, the last thing you want is a sling that chafes your skin or worse, snaps, giving you one more thing to

Simple Torch Materials You Can Use for Vital Light

One great challenge to any survival situation is maintaining a light source once the sun sets. A camp fire provides some light, but it is not mobile, so your ability to light your surroundings is limited. Fortunately, you do have options. In a survival situation, where power might not be available or you may have

DIY Paracord Hanging Chair

This amazing chair, made from scrap wood and paracord melds utility with comfort and is inexpensive. You get an awesome chair that you made without breaking the bank! Whether camping or in a survival situation, comfort is always a challenge. In both, environment, elements and surrounding affect your state of mind and your ability to in

Use Your Vehicle As A Generator

Survival situations can crop up at just about any moment. When it does, your ability to adapt to your new situation is vital to your survival and often the tools to survive are right at our finger-tips, provided we took the time to prepare. Power for running lights, appliances, security equipment is critical to surviving a

How To Make A Solar Panel Heater on the Cheap!

In a survival situation, unless you are thoroughly prepared and let’s face it, we all will overlook something, being able to adapt and improvise is a must to ensure your well-being. One mistake survivalists often overlook is their ability to get critical parts for various projects, using equipment and materials already in use or readily

Badass DIY Knife With A Handle You Can EAT

When I first saw that the author wanted to make a homemade knife with an edible knife handle made of honey, my first thought was this would be something Homer Simpson would like. I envisioned him saying “MMMMM, Edible Knife Handle Made of Honey,” . If you think about it, though, in a survival situation

How to Make This Awesome DIY Water Pump

We all know that water is vital for survival. If you do not have a source of clean water, your chances of surviving long-term are reduced greatly until you can fine some. Once you do find a source, being able to pump and pressurize it greatly improves your comfort level, which affects your outlook on

metal can

Epic Outdoor Uses for a Metal Can!

Of all the items you can modify to serve another purpose, the common metal can is one of the most versatile. Depending on size, it can be used as a stove, trap, digging tool, even as an alarm. That is right. That empty can you were just about to throw away has multiple, potential other

simple survival tool

The Simplest Survival Tool You Need To Have On Hand

Some of your survival equipment is pretty hardcore at this point. You’ve got weapons, tools, gadgets and miscellaneous supplies that cover a variety of situations, both logical and hypothetical. But sometimes its the simplest tools that we get the most use out of. In today’s post, we’ll show you how to make this simple and

[VIDEO] Survival DIY: Simple Metal Can Heater

These metal can heaters are so incredibly simple, anyone can make them. But in addition to their simplicity, they’re also EXCELLENT at keeping things warm. Whether you need something to heat up your bedroom, a camping area, or you’re in a SHTF scenario and you need to be resourceful with what you have… these metal can